The Chinhoyi Caves Of Zimbabwe

Chinhoyi Caves

The deep blue pool beneath the sparkling cobalt surface is known as the Sleeping Pool. This is a euphemism - it was into this pool that Nguni threw their victims of battle. The Shona know it, slightly less euphemistically, as the Pool of the Fallen, in which many bones lie fathoms deep.

The cave is part of a larger underground waterway whose true extent is still unknown. The waterway leads from Bat Cave, a sub-chamber of Dark Cave, into which the sinkhole originally falls, to Blind Cave.

These days, happily, the town is better known for the Chinhoyi Caves National Park, home to the famous Chinhoyi Caves. The main feature is the limestone cavern that was formed when the ground collapsed into a sinkhole. Now there is a hole that falls for twenty metres to the surface of a very deep cavern of water.

Daring (and qualified) divers can explore the Chinhoyi Caves from the other side of the water, but a peek into the enigmatic waters and lunch under the trees at the adjacent Caves Motel make for a pleasant pit-stop on the way to Kariba.



Chinhoyi Caves Facts

Chinhoyi is a town 71km north of Harare. Its history is marred by one tragic event - the 1966 Battle of Chinhoyi between the Black Nationalist ZANLA and Rhodesian Security Forces effectively launched the Second chimurenga (war of liberation).


A decade later half a million rural people had been displaced, living in shacks on the urban outskirts or in refugee camps outside the border. 70% of white farms had been abandoned, schools, hospitals and clinics had closed in their scores and more than ten thousand people had died.





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During the Zimbabwe independence war, mountain passes in the Chimanimani area were frequently used by guerilla fighters between Zimbabwe and their camps in Mozambique, who laid mines along local roads to disrupt the local economy. Because of this, the passes were heavily mined by Rhodesian government forces. Land mines have continued to be a real hazard in the area, particularly after heavy rain.

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Are there risks to travel in Zimbabwe?
Tourists in Zimbabwe are treated with warm welcomes where ever they go, and visitors encounter less risks than in other African countries. The general mood and atmosphere in the country is peaceful; a culture of friendliness and helpfulness prevails among the Zimbabwean people. Security is generally good and criminality is confined to a petty level – in fact, there have been no reported incidents of violence against tourists for several years. Also, tour operators and other service providers initiated a Police sector that specifically addresses the needs of travelers. They are visible as they patrol the streets of Victoria Falls and ensure the safety of tourists.Travelling around the country is safe and enjoyable, although it has in the past been complicated by logistical constraints.


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Enjoy these two major tourist destinations in southern Africa. Its a holiday package that gives you the opportunity to experience activities in Vic falls and game viewing in Chobe national Park. Victoria falls regarded one of the seven wonders of the world. Chobe national park one of the best parks to view animals from the boat and large groups of elephants .
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The Okavango Delta is one of the world’s largest inland water systems. It's headwaters start in Angola’s western highlands, with numerous tributaries joining to form the Cubango river, which then flows through Namibia (called the Kavango) and finally enters Botswana, where it is then called the Okavango. Millions of years ago the Okavango river use to flow into a large inland lake called Lake Makgadikgadi (now Makgadikgadi Pans).


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